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Art Glass Panel Designs OneArt Glass Panel Designs One


Bevel Window DesignsBevel Window Designs

ISBN: 0-919985-07-6

Classic AlphabetsClassic Alphabets

ISBN: 0-919985-13-0

Dimensional MosaicsDimensional Mosaics

ISBN: 0-919985-60-2


Exceptional Works in Metal Clay & GlassExceptional Works

in Metal Clay & Glass

ISBN: 0-919985-56-4

Feng Shui and Art Glass - Digital PDFFeng Shui & Art Glass

- Digital PDF Only

ISBN: 0-919985-52-1

Full Size Project Drawings for JOFFull-Size Pattern Drawings

ISBN: 0-919985-83-1

Fuse ItFuse It

ISBN: 0-919985-52-1

Fusing Log Sheets - PadFusing Log Sheets (Pad)

ISBN: 0-919985-82-3

Glass Forming with the Mold Block SystemGlass Forming with the

Mold Block System

ISBN: 0-919985-58-0

Glass Kiln CastingGlass Kiln Casting

ISBN: 0-919985-55-6

Illuminated Art GlassIlluminated Art Glass

ISBN: 0-919985-59-9

In Full BloomIn Full Bloom

ISBN: 0-919985-41-6

Innovative AdornmentsInnovative Adornments

ISBN: 0-919985-35-1

Introduction to Glass FusingIntroduction to

Glass Fusing


Introduction To Precious Metal ClayIntroduction To

Precious Metal Clay

ISBN: 0-919985-36-X

Introduction To Stained GlassIntroduction To

Stained Glass

ISBN: 0-919985-04-1

Joy of FusingJoy of Fusing

ISBN: 0-919985-61.0

Kiln Formed BraceletsKiln Formed Bracelets

ISBN: 0-919985-49-1

Lamps for the 21st Century - Digital PDFLamps for the 21st Century

- Digital PDF Only

ISBN: 0-919985-81-5

Maidens Myths & MermaidsMaidens Myths & Mermaids

ISBN: 0-919985-40-8

Mirrors & FramesMirrors & Frames

ISBN: 0-919985-15-7

9x9 Lives Cat Designs9x9 Lives Cat Designs

ISBN: 0-919985-30-0

Northern ShadesNorthern Shades


Orchids in GlassOrchids in Glass

ISBN: 0-919985-39-4

Patterns for South Beach FramePatterns for

South Beach Frame

ISBN: 0-919985-53-X

Precious Metal Clay in Mixed MediaPrecious Metal Clay

in Mixed Media

ISBN: 0-919985-43-2

Quick Success Stained GlassQuick Success

Stained Glass

ISBN: 0-919985-18-1

Stained Glass Boxes - RevisedStained Glass Boxes

- Revised

ISBN: 0-919985-01-7

Terrariums & PlantersTerrariums & Planters

- Revised

ISBN: 0-919985-02-5

The Art of Stained GlassThe Art of Stained Glass

ISBN: 1-589660-07-2

Wall DecorationsWall Decorations

ISBN: 0-919985-03-3

Windows For The Soul - RevisedWindows For

The Soul - Revised

ISBN: 0-919985-50-5


Windows of Character b& Style - Digital PDFWins of Character & Style

- Digital PDF Only

ISBN: 0-919985-22-X

Windows of DistinctionWindows of Distinction

ISBN: 0-919985-22-X

Windows of Elegance - OriginalWindows of Elegance

- Original

ISBN: 0-919985-21-1

Windows of Elegance - Volume 2Windows of Elegance

- Volume 2

ISBN: 0-919985-42-4

Windows of Enduring BeautyWindows of

Enduring Beauty

ISBN: 0-919985-37-8

Windows of Enduring ColorWindows of

Enduring Color

ISBN: 0-919985-57-2

Windows of MystiqueWindows of Mystique

ISBN: 0-919985-44-0

Windows of North AmericaWindows of

North America

ISBN: 0-919985-24-6

Windows of VisionWindows of Vision

ISBN: 0-919985-29-7