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A real live art glass teacher is ‘Priceless’! Crafters love hands-on classes that include functional textbooks with reliable patterns. Retailers and Teachers need the right tools to help gain an advantage - to get classes noticed and filled up with eager participants. We have resources to help ...


Wardell books are known for quality information and accurate full-size patterns. Hobby Crafters will find 38 titles featuring, stained glass windows, lamps & projects, glass fusing, kiln forming, glass jewelry, mosaic designs and precious metal clay. Start here to ‘Take-a-Peek’ at our book selection…

High Resolution Cover Images for Download

Cover images listed below are in alphabetical order by book title. You are free to use these images in your promotional flyers, brochures, advertising layouts, catalogs, on your web page or for any other print or digital promotion of our products.


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Each book title has a choice of 2 cover images. The 'High' resolution file is 3" high @ 300 lpi, saved as an RGB jpg. The 'Low' resolution file is 2" high @ 300 lpi, saved as an RGB jpg.


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Right mouse click on the link text (either High or Low) and choose 'Save Target as...', then select a location on your hard drive and click the Save button to start the download.


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- Art Glass Inspirations: (High | Low)

- Art Glass Panel Designs One: (High | Low)

- Bevel Window Designs: (High | Low)

- Classic Alphabets: (High | Low)

- Designs For Lamps I: (High | Low)

- Dimensional Mosaics: (High | Low)

- Exceptional Works in Metal Clay & Glass: (High | Low)

- Feng Shui & Art Glass: (High | Low)

- Full-Size Project Drawings (for Joy of Fusing): (High | Low)

- Fuse It - A Journey in Kiln Worked Glass (Updated Cvr): (High | Low)

- Fusing Log Sheets - Pad (for Joy of Fusing): (High | Low)

- Glass Forming with the Mold Block System: (High | Low)

- Glass Kiln Casting: (High | Low)

- Illuminated Art Glass: (High | Low)

- In Full Bloom: (High | Low)

- Innovative Adornments (Updated Cvr): (High | Low)

- Introduction To Glass Fusing: (High | Low)

- Introduction To Precious Metal Clay (Updated Cvr): (High | Low)

- Introduction To Stained Glass: (High | Low)

- Joy of Fusing: (High | Low)

- Kiln Formed Bracelets (Updated Cvr): (High | Low)

- Lamps for the 21st Century: (High | Low)

- Maidens, Myths, & Mermaids: (High | Low)

- Mirrors & Frames: (High | Low)

- 9 x 9 Lives Cat Designs Projects: (High | Low)

- Northern Shades: (High | Low)

- Orchids In Glass: (High | Low)

- Patterns for South Beach Frame: (High | Low)

- Precious Metal Clay in Mixed Media: ( High | Low)

- Quick Success Stained Glass: (High | Low)

- Stained Glass Boxes (Updated Cvr): (High | Low)

- Terrariums & Planters (Updated Cvr): (High | Low)

- The Art of Stained Glass: (High | Low)

- Wall Decorations: (High | Low)

- Windows for the Soul (Revised): (High | Low)

- Windows of Character & Style: (High | Low)

- Windows of Distinction: (High | Low)

- Windows of Elegance - Volume I: (High | Low)

- Windows of Elegance - Volume II: (High | Low)

- Windows of Enduring Beauty: (High | Low)

- Windows of Enduring Color: (High | Low)

- Windows of Mystique: (High | Low)

- Windows of North America: (High | Low)

- Windows of Visions: (High | Low)