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Innovative Adornments
Kiln Formed Bracelets
Glass Kiln Casting
Illuminated Art Glass

Jayne Persico

Introduction to PMC
PMC in Mixed Media
Exceptional Works

Mary Ann Devos

Introduction to Glass Fusing
Fuse It
Glass Forming with the Mold Block System

Petra Kaiser

Northern Shades

Brian Eagle

Orchids in Glass

Chantal Pare

Windows of Character & Style – eBook

Chuck Franklin

Windows For The Soul

Ron Bovard

Windows from a Different Perspective

Mark Levy

Windows of Distinction

Shanon Materio

Windows of Elegance – Vol 1
Windows of Elegance – Vol 2

Carole Harris-Wardell

Windows of Enduring Beauty
Windows of Enduring Color
Lamps for the 21st Century – eBook
Windows for the 21st Century – eBook

John Emery
& Jerry Preston

Windows of Mystique

Malavika Tiwiri

Windows of Visions
Dimensional Mosaics

Leslie Perlis

Patterns For South Beach Frame

Carole Wardell &
Crys Soderholm

Patterns For South Beach Frame

Handley Industries

Feng Shiu & Art Glass – eBook

Stu Goldman &

Grace Parrish