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Just released a brand-new video showing how to create Glass Tattoo Wafers. A Wafer is a standalone component that you first create on a plastic sheet using a stencil and the Glass Tattoo Gue colors. Let the design dry, peal it off the sheet, then you can place it anywhere you desire on your fusing project. It NEW and it’s BRILLIANT technique that anyone can master.

Two videos showing you how to create a turtle design using the glass tattoo stencil system. One version of this video one is a three minute overview video and the other is a 10 minute detail video showing you the entire process. I recommend you watch the 10 minute video if you have time but if you don’t three-minute video will give you a pretty good idea of how this process works.

Mixing Glass Tattoo Gue Colors

This is the first in a series of blogs that I’m going to create to help you understand how the Glass Tattoo® System works.

I have conducted several live demonstrations of the Glass Tattoo® System and every time people are truly amazed by what they see. They find it difficult to believe how easy it really is to make detailed and colorful designs in a matter of minutes.

This Blog Post includes a 9 minute video to show you exactly how it’s done.

Learn how to use the Glass Tattoo Stencil System to make Christmas themed side dishes, oval trays, or any fused glass item that you can think of.

We get a huge response every time we demonstrate our Glass Tattoo Stencil system and show fusers how easy and fast they can create intricate and multicolored fused glass project designs.

I made a couple of Christmas tree oval trays using two of our Christmas stencils. The first one I made using the Parlor Perfect Tree stencil (RW201). It really turned out fantastic.

This Blog Post includes a 9 minute video to show you exactly how it’s done.