Glass Tattoo® Halloween Stencils

Glass Tattoo® Stencils

Scary Jack-O-Witch Platter

Halloween will soon be upon us and that means it’s time to make some scary fuse glass projects. Watch a 4 minute video to see how we made the 12″ diameter platter disk shown below.

We have three Halloween stencil designs that are fun and easy to create. The Jack-O-Witch that is a combination jack-o’-lantern and witch. We have the Happy-O-Lantern that is simply a very cute jack-o’-lantern with a giant smile. And we have the Scaredy Cat, a cute little kitten who just caught sight of his first Jack-O-Witch – standing there with back hunched up and his tail held high.

You could use any one of these designs to create an individual serving plate, a decorative wall tile (as shown above), or use them in combination to create a larger serving platter as you can see below. We created this platter during a demonstration days at one of our glass partners. Watch the 4 minute below.

Watch this 4 minute video (link below) to find out how we made it. Then after watching the video be sure to take a look at the discount offers below to get these Halloween Stencil Designs with time left to make a few plates for your Halloween party decorations.

Click the play button to watch this 4 minute video and find out how we made the Jack-O-Witch plus Happy-O-Lantern platter.

2 thoughts on “Glass Tattoo® Halloween Stencils

  1. Do you sell the powder frit 96coe? Can you recommend a supplier as I am having trouble obtaining the powder. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Gail: Thanks for the question. I am sorry to tell you that we do not currently sell any powdered frit in either COE. You are looking for COE 96 powders and as you probably already know Uroboros Glass was the only manufacturer of COE 96 powder and their production was purchased by Oceanside Glass. I recently talked with them and they have started making frit again, however it will take a while for them to get a good selection of colors. I know there is still a lot of the older Uroboros supply out there and many great suppliers that have it in stock. I just did a Google search using the search term ‘COE 96 frit powder’ and I found a lot of places that say they sell it. I would suggest calling a few of them to make sure they do have it in stock and what colors.

      Good luck on your search, Hope this helps…
      Randy (The Fuse Whisperer)

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