Support Files for Joy of Fusing Book

Support Files for Joy of Fusing Book

Free Project & Pattern Downloads from the book Joy of Fusing


 FREE – Triangle Tangle ePattern for the B300 Drop-Thru Mold

The innovative Drop-Thru Mold Forming System enables fusers to create a vase shape in a kiln that is remarkably similar to vessels made using traditional glass blowing techniques. This mold kit consists of 3 ceramic components and a 4 page instructional booklet that demonstrates this Teal Triangle Tangle vase. This PDF has with 2 full-size patterns giving you 2 versions of this project.

Click here to download the Triangle Tangle ePattern



FREE – Graffiti Bowl eProject for the M35 Starfire Drape Mold

This spectacular bowl was shaped on the M35 Starfire Drape Mold. The foot was added using our C105 Foot Casting Mold and one set of Stackable Fusing Foot Rings (All included in the B235 Bundle Package). This unusual mold enables fusers to create a shape in their kiln that is strikingly reminiscent of a blown glass bowl. This Graffiti Bowl eProject includes all the how-to information plus the full-size ePattern.

To get this Graffiti Bowl eProject simply Register your Starfire Mold then download the eProject immediately.




Fusing Project Log Sheet from Joy of Fusing (Page 17)

In 1905 Spanish philosopher George Santayana wrote these now famous words “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This fusing project log will help all fusers remember exactly what glass they used, resist materials, molds, and most importantly the firing schedule. You can download this PDF file then print out the forms as needed or you may want to consider purchasing one of our Fusing Log Pads with 25 Pre-printed Log Sheets on a Convenient Tear-Off Pad they only cost $9.95 but if you use the discount code FPL in the shopping cart, you can purchase as many as you want for just $7.50

Click here to purchase the Fusing Project Log Pad                               Click here to download the Fusing Project Log Sheet




FREE – Such A Dish ePattern from Joy of Fusing (Page 62)

Twin Plate Full-size Pattern Drawing. Use this full-size pattern to create the glass cutting templates and the fiber paper mold cut out. This PDF download provides the pattern drawings only, complete instructions to fabricate, fuse and slump fire this project (including kiln schedules) are found on page 62 and 63 in the book Joy of Fusing.

Click here to download the Such A Dish ePattern



FREE – Fusing Level Sample Tile ePattern from Joy of Fusing (Pages 24-28)

The fusing level sample set is a core project in Joy of Fusing. This project was designed to help you answer the question; “How fused do you want it?” The idea is to create a set of 6 tiles that use the same design and the same glass changing only the firing schedule to produce a Fusing Level Sample Set. This PDF download provides only the full-size pattern drawings for the sample tiles. You will find complete instructions and firing schedules to fabricate and use this project on pages 24 to 29 in the book Joy of Fusing.

Click here to download the Fusing Level Sample Tile ePattern.