Glass Tattoo® Introduction to …

Introduction To ... Mixing Glass Tattoo® Gue and Creating a Palette of Colors

This is the first in a series of blogs that I’m going to create to help you understand how the Glass Tattoo® System works. I have conducted several live demonstrations of the Glass Tattoo® System and every time people are truly amazed by what they see. They find it difficult to believe how easy it really is to make detailed and colorful designs in a matter of minutes.

As with any process there are a few steps that have to be taken at the beginning to set everything up. For the Glass Tattoo® System the first step is to create a pallet of your favorite colors then place them into the applicator squeeze bottles. The wonderful thing is once you have placed the colors into the squeeze bottles it can be safely stored for several months ready for use at any time you like.

Watch the 9 minute video (link below) and I will show you, step-by-step, how to mix up a batch of the Glass Tattoo® Gue then add glass powders to create a variety of colors. Then you will learn a very simple way to fill your squeeze bottles with the color.

After watching the video be sure to take a look at the discount offers below that will enable you to stock up on Glass Tattoo® Gue Packets. Plus we have a really great offer to purchase our soft and squeezable Glass Tattoo® Applicator Bottles and our Glass Tattoo® Bottle Caddy’s that will enable you to keep your colors handy while you are creating your masterpiece and allow you to store the Gue Colors ready to use for months.

Click the play button to watch this 9 minute video and learn how to mix up a batch of the Glass Tattoo® Gue and Tattoo Colors

7 thoughts on “Glass Tattoo® Introduction to …

    1. This Video Blog was created to show how to get the Glass Tattoo Gue colors ready to make a project. If you want to see how the Glass Tattoo looks after you have created a stencil design, then fired it, take a look at some of the stencils in the product catalog, many of them show the stencil and a project created using that stencil.

      Here are some links to a few that show completed projects.
      Tribal Mask:
      Goldfish Fantail:

  1. I am a beginner with zero glass fusing experience. Am I able to use my scrap stained glass as the base glass?

    1. Hi Tiffany:

      The short answer is no. All glass in a fusing project must be the same COE. If your using a 90 COE frit powder in your Glass tattoo color then you must use a 90 COE in your base glass. Standard stained glass has not been tested compatible, that means even if you use stained glass from the same glass manufacturer it will most likely not be compatible for fusing.

      I recommend reading an introduction book like Joy Of Fusing to discover everything you need to know about fusing, including about tested compatible glass, plus you have 27 fusing projects that will get you on your way to being a successful fuser.

      Hope this helps

      Randy (The Fuse Whisperer)

      Wardell Products

  2. Can you draw free hand with the Glass Tattoo Gue? I need to write some words on a custom piece, and would like them to be raised, like the rest of the glass.

    1. Hi Dona,

      Yes absolutely you can draw free hand with the Glass Tattoo Gue. I do it often, and I will send you a link for the video if you like.

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