How To Create the Spiral Turtle – Video

Two New Instruction Videos Available Now

Just released 2 brand-new videos showing you how to create a this Spiral Turtle design using the Glass Tattoo® Stencil System. One video is a 3 minute overview and the other is a 7 minute detail video showing you the entire process. I recommend you watch the 7 minute video if you have time but if you don’t the shorter video will give you a pretty good idea of how this process works.

3 Minute Quick Overview

7 Minute Detail Video

This 2-1/2 minute video is a quick overview showing how to create the CS311 Turtle design using the Glass Tattoo® Stencil System by Wardell Products

This 7 minute 15 second video shows the entire process to make the CS311 Turtle stencil using The Glass tattoo Stencil System.

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